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roasted garlic bread
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The BEST Roasted Garlic Bread

You are going to LOVE this garlic bread recipe! Really, it’s a must-try. The secret to this roasted garlic bread is roasting the garlic beforehand, and then mixing it with butter and a few seasonings to make the perfect spread. Roasted garlic has a softer, […]

roasted brussel sprouts with bacon
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Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Bacon

It seems like people have extreme opinions about brussel sprouts–they either LOVE them, or absolutely hate them… Bacon, however, is universally adored. This recipe brings these two ingredients together in a way that you’ll absolutely love! These roasted brussel sprouts with bacon are full of […]

homemade cornbread
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The Best Homemade Cornbread Recipe

Homemade chili is a staple in our home, and it’s never complete without a side of cornbread! While store-bought cornbread mixes are widely available, there’s something special about making a homemade cornbread recipe. Not only does homemade cornbread taste better, but it also allows you […]

Side Dishes

Roasted Garlic Parmesan Cauliflower

It’s so easy to overlook vegetables when cooking a meal. You have the main dish thought-out and prepped, and then decide you’d like a side of vegetables to round out a well-balanced meal! Well, I think it’s important to have a side of veggies be […]

Mexican rice
Side Dishes

Easy Mexican Rice (Spanish Rice)

This easy Mexican rice doesn’t take much more work than a standard mix from the store, but tastes SO much better! It’s the perfect side dish that can be left cooking while you put together the rest of your meal. It also pairs perfectly with […]

homemade guacamole recipe
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The Best Ever Guacamole Recipe

This guacamole recipe was always a staple in my house growing up. To this day, when we gather for Sunday dinners, a handful of us deem ourselves “taste testers” to make sure that it’s “just right” while preparing the rest of the meal. Seriously, half […]