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Lemon Blueberry Muffins

These lemon blueberry muffins are remarkably moist and full of flavor! They are SO easy to make and are the perfect on-the-go breakfast.

Recipe Tips

There are some important aspects of the recipe instructions that will set you up for success.

First off, make sure your ingredients are at room temperature. This will help the ingredients blend together perfectly, plus it will keep the batter from getting too thick.

Also, fresh fruit is crucial. Pre-frozen blueberries are typically covered in juice because many blueberries will burst in production. Carefully rinsing fresh blueberries and then freezing them yourself can minimize that risk, keeping your batter from turning out purple. Fresh lemons are also key to getting that fresh flavor.

Lastly, dusting the blueberries in flour will help them be evenly distributed throughout the muffin. The flour helps the blueberries stay suspended in the batter, rather than sink to the bottom.

Lemon Blueberry Muffins

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Recipe by Maddie Saxey


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  • 2 cup 2 all purpose flour

  • 1 tsp 1 cornstarch

  • 2 tsp 2 baking powder

  • 1 tsp 1 salt

  • 3/4 cup 3/4 white sugar

  • 1/2 cup 1/2 brown sugar

  • 1/2 cup 1/2 unsalted butter, softened to room temperature

  • 2 2 eggs, room temperature

  • 1/2 cup 1/2 buttermilk, room temperature

  • 1/2 tsp 1/2 almond extract

  • 3/4 tsp 3/4 vanilla extract

  • 2 Tbsp 2 fresh lemon juice

  • 1 tsp 1 lemon zest

  • 1 1/2 cup 1 1/2 fresh blueberries, rinsed and frozen*, plus an extra handful

  • Lemon Glaze
  • 1 1/2 cup 1 1/2 powdered sugar

  • 1 Tbsp 1 water

  • 2 Tbsp 2 fresh lemon juice

  • 1/4 tsp 1/4 vanilla extract


  • Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Spray a standard-sized muffin tin with cooking spray (or use cupcake liners) and set aside. In a mixing bowl, whisk together flour, cornstarch, baking powder, and salt. Set aside.
  • In a standing mixer, mix together both sugars and butter on high until creamy, about 4-5 minutes. Scrape down sides of the bowl to make sure it’s evenly mixed throughout. Add eggs and mix on medium high until well incorporated. Add buttermilk, almond extract, vanilla extract, lemon juice, and lemon zest on medium high speed until well mixed.
  • Add flour mixture to the standing mixture and stir until there are no flour pockets. Don’t overmix.
  • Remove the 1 1/2 cup of blueberries from the freezer and mix together with 1 teaspoon of flour**. Add to the muffin batter and fold in, being gentle with the blueberries so that they don’t burst.
  • Evenly distribute muffin batter between the 12 muffin tins. Top with 2-3 blueberries (not covered in flour). Bake for 21-25 minutes (until a toothpick can come out clean). Rotate the pan 180 degrees halfway through baking.
  • Remove muffins immediately from pan and allow to cool.
  • In a small bowl, whisk together the ingredients for the lemon glaze. Drizzle over the top of the muffins. Enjoy!


  • *Don’t be tempted to use pre-frozen blueberries–they are typically covered in juice and will turn your batter purple. Fresh blueberries, however, need to be rinsed first but then frozen so that they can be easily incorporated into the batter without them bursting.
  • **Dusting the blueberries will help them stay suspended in the batter, rather than sink to the bottom of the muffin tin.

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